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Surely, if the veil was based on religious precept, its use would not be enforced so selectively.Therefore, to turn the hijab or into a religious and political issue belies its original intent.It is free to register as a member here and this swingers site is dedicated solely to UK swingers swinging in the UK. If you are a swinger, curious about swinging or just want to browse, you're at the right place. Even if websites say they're free they usually charge you to contact other swingers.Latest features include being able to add Swingers Events, meets, see who wants to Meet Me and use our new Swingers Chat. It's free to be a member and contact other members here - and it always will be.The head cover been pushed as a symbol of piety and only the Egyptian and Saudi version of the head cover — the hijab — is considered worthy of respect.Coverings that originate in South Asia, the sari or the dupatta, have been relegated as less authentic under Islam.

This was the argument when young Asmahan Mansour was barred from a soccer league in Quebec, as she refused to remove her hijab while playing the sport.

The only verse that comes close to such a dress code (Sura 24, “The Light,” verse 31) directs believing women to let their head coverings obscure their bosoms.

Yet, in the past few decades, Islamists and orthodox Muslims have made the covering of a woman’s head the cornerstone of Muslim identity.

It is true that through history, Muslim women have chosen to wear the hijab for reasons of modesty.

Today, however, some wear it for the opposite reason.

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