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It really was a good social organization and even today there are Germans who still occupy homes that were provided through this groups efforts. We admit we know nothing about it and can find no reference to it except for the name of the group, and this from Andre Huskins book Der Abzeichen Deutscher Organisationen, 1871-1945.

The badge is in beautiful enamel finish with the figure of the protective German eagle in a protective pose over the little house that is built on the firm base of the swastika. Huskin shows a picture of it and gives the name; nothing more.

It has an Imperial-looking Prussian eagle with the Hohenzollern crown over the eagles head, but there is the swastika in the eagles chest. It measures a little over 3/4 of an inch tall and is in beautiful mint condition.

So we assume it was worn by ex-officers of the Kaisers army. We think its one of the nicest designs of the Third Reich era (by far).

It was established in 1932 and transferred to the Luftwaffe in 1939.

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The Merlin engine powered two of the greatest fighters of World War II, the Supermarine Spitfire and the North American P-51 Mustang.

These are much rarer than the regular Hitler Youth badge. Its main function was to help German citizens to find homes and help them in financing home and hearth.

On the back of the enameled badge is the manufacturers mark along with the compulsory Ges. They worked diligently to provide every German family a residence of their own. PRICE: .00 DESCRIPTION: This beautiful four-color enameled membership badge (lapel pin) is truly rare.

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