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(Even director Nora Ephron didn’t think she could get away with it, apparently.) The scene when Tom Hanks first sees Meg Ryan in the airport kind of lays it bare for us: There he is, telling his kid about how dating means trying yourself out with different people to see if you’d be a good match, and then he’s stopped dead in his tracks by Ryan walking through the door.Take that, emotionally mature way of making sure you’re a match with someone before randomly falling for them! ”Ebiri: This could have been deadly at first: overgrown, dim-bulb man-child Seth Rogen impregnates beautiful, career-driven Katherine Heigl, and they have to deal with the consequences. It’s messy; it’s loose; it’s improvised; there are supporting characters and random bits galore (Kristen Wiig in particular is fantastic) — but it all coheres.It’s hilarious, but also very dark — not what would ordinarily come to mind when we say “romantic comedy,” but it totally is one.In essence, it takes the philosophical premise at the heart of so many rom-coms — people who are truly in love will overcome any obstacle in order to be together — and takes it to almost- absurdist extremes.

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A lot of romantic comedies propagate the whole “there’s only one magic, perfect person out there for you” myth, but this one takes it to cosmic levels.It’s hard sometimes to tell if Smith intends this chatter as gospel, or if he’s presenting it ironically, but in Chasing Amy, he hints that it may be the latter.This comedy stars Ben Affleck as a comic book artist who falls in love with a lesbian fellow comic book artist, played by Joey Lauren Adams.As Bilge suggests, the relationship between Affleck and Lee distends the movie in a good way.The geometry is meant to be confusing, the way it is in life — and in this case the same-sex attractions lift it into another sphere.

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