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To break the stalemate, Beam calls a CYCI agent authorized to negotiate directly, and hands her cellphone to the man.A conversation ensues, and eventually the father hangs up and hands the phone back.The negotiation portion of the process, however, has concluded.

A fee has been agreed upon for now, but Beam says the actual retrieval of the girls will still have to be carried out by qualified CYCI personnel, and she’s not part of those operations.

Thousands of Yazidi women and children were sold as slaves and subject to rape, and their men were murdered en masse when ISIS overran the Yazidi heartland around Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq in August 2014.

Beam says that a year after ISIS’s rampage through Sinjar, funds are growing short among the Yazidis, who have in some cases already sold all their valuables to ransom back family members.

Maman dismisses any chance of going to court and calls the entire controversy a “smear campaign.”But apart from the strictly legal issues, Mendes says, organizations such as CYCI offer solutions that ultimately are ineffective and potentially harmful.“If this were really effective and [Maman] could release thousands, there would be a cry from the Yazidi community to support him,” says Mendes.

“But you have to ask, are they encouraging ISIS to go after other minorities, and potentially reinforcing their practices?

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