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I would think that if American citizens see that millions of active duty troops of all ranks are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to be a free moral sovereign nation again, it’s a doable thing.

How could AIPAC or the ADL or any of Jewry’s organized gangsters stand up to millions of determined angry soldiers who simply want their COUNTRY RETURNED to THEM again?

The bottom line is that the US military may be the last vanguard against Jewish tyranny…

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I’m certain that the military brass took notice and were not pleased with the suppression of Patreaus’ statement.Yes, for one, and representative of a growing sentiment amongst the Officer Corps, is former Air Force General, Merrill “Tony” Mc Peak.Mc Peak served as Obama’s military adviser during the 2008 campaign.The Jews who run Wall Street are the financiers behind this Zionist network.Granted, only one time in US history has the military contemplated a coup.

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