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Based on what I was told in years of interviews with medics and corpsmen, though, I'd avoid actually USING an uncut version thereof. im interested in buying a m1 garand that a guy bought in 2003 when springfield armory started remanufacturing these i was told. he showed me the certificate by springfield armory. Springfield Armory, Incorporated, is in Illinois, nothing whatsoever to do with the real U. its to bad cuz this gun is in immaculate condition. Anything numbered higher than 6.1 million or not made by one of the REAL military contractors, and therefore inherently CANNOT be to specification. This is all chapter and verse of the valid literature. like i said earlier...not trying to ruffle your feathers here. The two are COMPLETELY UNRELATED except for the usurpation of the name by the private firm. A COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is a sort of joke when it comes from a private firm.

Still, the main thing, other than the appreciation, is the shooting. he bought the gun brand new for a little under 1100.00. also will this gun not shoot very well because of what you have told me. K., you need to go to a book store or to a library and get my books, Scott Duff's, even Canfield's. The first line of the specification/drawing packet reads, "Receiver shall be produced from a forging of 8620 steel...." These things you are looking at have NO collector's value AT ALL. Nobody said it wouldn't shoot well, albeit it is reasonable to presume a used USGI rifle from the CMP will outlast it many times, and be cheaper in base price, too. If you read theirs closely, it says its the same design, etc., etc., but nothing about it being to actual, solid USGI specification (nothing that matters, anyway!

Seems she pushed the cartridge to far to the rear and tripped the "hold open latch" releasing the bolt.

Tailgunner, You are right about the sks, I have one as well and have had it get my thumb.

Contact the CMP and get a service grade, late issue (serial number from 4.2 million to 6.1 million) and you'll have a real shooting machine with actual collector's value, and it will increase in value over the years. In addition to giving you serial number information, most of the better books on the Garand include key maintenance information. Not the private company in an entirely different part of the country. I am subscribed to a couple of threads, and get e-mail notices.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is the best place to get a Garand, unless you are very, very lucky. Secured Servers - Sitemap (would not accept CMP website link..??? ANY GI postwar receiver--HRA, IHC, SA, Breda, or Beretta--will usually be superior in overall quality and strength to earlier, wartime units, but more important, being newer means less fatigue. First joining the Garand Collector's Association is the easiest way.

the gun is in excellent shape but i can find anything about it. can you tell me where i can have this gun checked out. If you look closely, with a magnifier, at the data legend on the receiver horseshoe behind the rear sight, near the manufacturer's name, you will see a "circle r", which is a copyright mark. ALL of their production, even their later "M1A" M14 clone, is castings. ) or ever having seen or even been considered for actual military service. Even the beautiful Italian Breda and Beretta Garands are made from high quality FORGINGS, whose strength is vastly superior. thanks for clearing this up for me, now i just have to find a way to tell the guy i no longer want this gun......you check this site everyday for posts.

Correct rod would be a -9, of course, and they're fairly common. thanks It's a standard, non-specification, non-GI rifle, worth far less than a real M1 Garand. You can get an upgraded CMP rifle, a vastly better unit, for this money or less. he is trying to sell it to me for 700, is this gun not worth the 700? The rifle you are looking at is NOT, never was, and never could BE a military rifle, anywhere, at any time, for anyone. Italian production by Breda and Beretta went on MUCH longer, but is not relevant to this conversation. Everything noted above is covered in all the valid scholarly literature. A service grade CMP rifle will cost less than is being asked for this cast-receivered non-military rifle. This rifle was made sometime after 1975 or so, was never military, and is NOT a specification rifle. one more thing what about the certificate of authenticity that came with this rifle signed by springfield armory. Springfield ARMORY (United States Government) still stands in Springfield, Massachusetts, but is no longer manufacturing anything, and produced every major U. military firearms long gun design actually adopted, most prototypes, and most others from about 1800 to 1968.There are more fakes than real, and some very tired ones being sold to the unwary only capable of measuring the costmetics. where they not made to specs by springfield when they were remanufactured.Plus, 1945 tubes are BRUTALLY expensive if/when found. will it tell on the receiver if it is a forging or a cast receiver. were these just some cheap knock offs remade by someone else for springfield armory. i just wanted it for the gun range mainly but not if its not going to do what i want it to do. SAI=Springfield Armory, Incorporated, a private firm initiated by Bob Reese about 1973 in Geneseo Illinois, with an office in Springfield.That way if the bolt does come forward (not all of them do, and the clip itself can influance this also) it will first contact your hand which will force your thumb out of the way of the bolt.BTW, the Garand isn't the only system that can bite you, my wife got her thumb caught in a SKS bolt, the stripper clip slot did a nice job of "holding on" too.

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