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“It is quite remarkable that at least outwardly, all this change has not resulted in a break-up of social cohesion,” said Ian Howie, UNFPA representative in document the lives of Vietnamese Americans who returned to Vietnam to live and work.HO CHI MINH CITY (Reuters) - A young woman lives with her boyfriend but hides it from her family, girls write blogs about love and relationships and couples seeking privacy cuddle in public parks at nightfall.A “quiet” sexual revolution is unfolding in Vietnam, an intensely family-oriented society that holds strong traditions of women being married by their mid-20s and having children.The group runs a web site provides a forum for people to chat under the auspices of a moderator about marriage, relationships and reproductive and sexual health.Donors such as the United Nations Population Fund and others back a Sunday evening call-in show on Voice of Vietnam radio called “Windows of Love”, a forum for people of all ages.Research on youth by a variety of organizations show that young people are sexually active at the same age as their parents, but the difference is that their parents were married and they are not.These and other phenomena indicate that sex is no longer seen just for reproduction of children or an heir to work the farm, but more than that, experts said.

Human trafficking has become a scourge in Vietnam, a country where the rural-urban gap is widening. In 2008, I went to Cambodia and ended being stuck there for over one year.

One outspoken woman is Nhu Khue, a petite 30-year-old who writes her own blog and is an active member of a web site for women

“In Vietnam, old people still want girls to be virgins but times are changing,” she said.

One of the was Diep Vuong, founder of Pacific Links.

Vuong's program called ADAPT leads the counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by increasing access to education, providing shelter and reintegration services, and enabling new economic opportunities for girls and young women.

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