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MOTOR VEHICLES; TRAILERS (steering, or guiding on a desired track, of agricultural machines or implements A01B 69/00; wheels, castors, axles, increasing wheel adhesion B60B; vehicle tyres, tyre inflation or tyre changing B60C; connections between vehicles of a train or the like B60D; vehicles for use on rail and road, amphibious or convertible vehicles B60F; suspension arrangements B60G; heating, cooling, ventilating or other air treating devices B60H; windows, windscreens, non-fixed roofs, doors or similar devices, protective coverings for vehicles not in use B60J; propulsion plant arrangements, auxiliary drives, transmissions, controls, instrumentation or dashboards B60K; electric equipment or propulsion of electrically-propelled vehicles B60L; power supply for electrically-propelled vehicles B60M; passenger accommodation not otherwise provided for B60N; adaptations for load transportation or to carry special loads or objects B60P; arrangement of signalling or lighting devices, the mounting or supporting thereof or circuits therefor, for vehicles in general B60Q; vehicles, vehicle fittings or vehicle parts not otherwise provided for B60R; servicing, cleaning, repairing, supporting, lifting, or manoeuvring, not otherwise provided for, B60S; brake arrangements, brake control systems or parts thereof B60T; air-cushion vehicles B60V; motor-cycles, accessories therefor B62J, B62K; testing of vehicles G01M)Clarification of the definition scope; initially this group involved the movement of the steering wheel for “in case of accident”.

Modern activation of airbags requires a similar design/motion of the steering column and so such systems are also classified in this group.

Please note that there are some documents concerning tracked vehicles with walking members to assist ascending stairs.

If a vehicle merely has tracks, this is not a sufficient reason for classifying in B62D 55/00.Hence this group is no longer used for classifying.Classification should be given in subclass B60G instead.For example, a mono-tracked snow mobile would only be given the classification B62D 55/07 if there were details shown of the track or track unit.Traction increasing devices which fit over individual tyres such as snow-chains are not classified here, see B60C 27/00.

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