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Annotations are a pretty fundamental expression of the nonlinear ways we talk, write, and think, so I’m nervous about the possibility that the content and mechanisms could end up owned by a single for-profit tech startup. A few days ago Ella Dawson wrote a very upsetting blog post about how Genius was functionally equivalent to forcing crude, violent, or hateful user comments onto a web site she created as a safe space to write about the sensitive work she does.

When she reached out to Genius for help, the solution they suggested was “don’t look at the annotations.” This bothered me, so I stayed up all night tinkering and figured out how to make a defensive tool.

You can hate-read my content all you want—I know that is a risk of being a person who says things on the Internet.

But when you create a tool that pastes commentary directly on top of my work without letting me opt-in and without providing a way for people to turn off the annotation on their pages, you are being irresponsible.

As Atlas Genius looks ahead toward new beginnings, they’re crafting refreshing music with both honesty and purpose.

We were able to catch up with Atlas Genius at our studios to talk performing new songs and the great responsibility of front row concertgoers.

The Australian duo, which now resides in Los Angeles, released their single “63 Days” in late July.

It marks the group’s first release in two years after their sophomore album, The song veers into a renewed soundscape for the group with crisp drums, diminishing bass, and thoughtful storytelling.

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News Genius adds one more way for people on the Internet to be made unsafe.

For more on what the brothers had to say, check out our full interview below: The band recently kicked off their tour on September 22 in San Diego at the House of Blues.

The first part of the tour features flor and Half The Animal as the openers.

This means they’re effectively forcing it on everyone.

I’m also firmly of the opinion that we’ll all be better off if functionality like this is handled by a standards body like the W3C, or a non-profit like the Wiki Media Foundation, or at least an open-source software project.

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