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A open marriage or “swinging” is generally much easier for a husband to handle than simply having a hotwife.

Even the men who initially feel they can handle this type of arrangement typically discover that jealousy soon enters the picture creating major problems for the primary relationship.

Likewise, there are a few women who value this type of opportunity enough to keep extramarital sex on the level of simple physical enjoyment, while making sure that it does not negatively impact their primary relationship.

Possibly it’s unfortunate, but at the present time this level of selflessness sophistication is rare. Cherry Lee Next Week: Getting Things Started Could This Be Your Bedroom Whilst You’re Away One Night?

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Scores of websites featuring photos are devoted to this topic.So if this is clearly the case, forget it; move on to other things in life.Possibly even more important, most husbands, especially in the United States, wouldn’t allow their wives to become hotwives.A few husbands even claim that this arrangement has helped their relationship, especially if the wife was sexually frustrated to start with.One husband in a chatroom conversation said, “…My wife loves sex; she’s great in bed; life is short; why not let them enjoy it? culture many husbands, even in their 30s, have lost interest in sex - primarily due to work stress and various medications.

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