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As a not-for-profit credit union, we don’t slant loan terms or push products that only benefit us.

When you need a loan, we’ll point you toward the right one.

If you have a bank account a traditional bank and an IRA account with a credit union, you might be enjoying the best of both worlds.

You can obtain the benefits of the credit union while still retaining access to the diversity of your bank.

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In order to achieve and maintain financial success, it’s essential to understand the financial habits of successful people.For example, if you have an account with a branch of Wells Fargo in California, you can access that same account at branches and ATM’s in New York. Many companies – from small businesses to large corporations – have "adopted" credit unions as their source for maintaining IRA’s and pensions for employees.This is universally beneficial because it makes the company’s job much simpler, rather than having to deal with multiple institutions, and the employees are not only members of the credit union, but also owners, as all members of credit unions own a small share of the institution.Many credit unions worldwide offer student loans, small business loans and mortgages.Banks, however, do offer a wider range of services, and are often more accessible to customers.

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