Completely eastern european dating regret interracial dating

Even those who are living and working here for a couple of years would have a very different outlook and also free from any real ties.

Also for someone to leave their homeland and try to make it somewhere else has confidence, a bit dynamic and postiveness and those are attractive qualities.

.and by the way, my grandmother was polish and I was brought up on a polish diet.

As for old fashioned values.British women have had them wrenched out of us..because we cannot afford to sit at home and bring up men dont damn well earn enough to allow us to do that.^^^My brother has 'old fashioned values'.

BUT the BIGGEST difference is, you can have a really good laugh/joke with these girls, they don't come back with attitude, or snide comments, or put downs, or one liners, or take every opportunity to slag off men, they're not bitter or twisted, they're just great fun and they appreciate a joke. I went out with a Hungarian for quite some time and she did wonderful one liners - her wit was one of the attractions.

Oh and she was resident, had indefinite leave to stay in the UK and a better job than me.

On my trips abroad I have not overwhelmed by the locals to say that they are better or more appealing than the brits, i do though fancy tanned women more than pasty white and the weather imo is the only disadvantage British women have.

I feel more English than Estonian, and dont like to be streotyped.i spoke to an eastern european girl today in the supermarket, she was overweight, swearing in broken english and with 3 kids running amok ..... However from what I have experienced British women do tend to like the chase and mind games aspect more, BUT without being in danger of sweeping everyone into the same box (or spanner bag), I think it was more the individual to blame rather than the nationality as a whole. Nice girl but so desperate to come to England she would marry anybody in the end I think... Only a person can define what they are, NOT their race, religion or skin colour. Your right of course, in essence you cant judge all like that J47_SW, It is a blinkered and rather cold way of putting it on my part, but it is kinida how I see it.

I am willing to bet that there are British women out there who are just as nice as European Women...they are hard to find. There was one who told me straight out, Im looking for a "sponsor" in that she wants a man to pay her way without anything from her in return. Shame really, if you could be her "one" you would be in heaven for the rest of your life Russian woman are my kryptonite lol SJxx I dont slate British women, there just not for me. There are some really stunning English girls out there...

For some reason British women...not see me as anything other than a friend. I did see a very Beautiful barmaid last night..only in looks, but the way she moved and spoke and her smile. Kasia, Justyna, Sylwia, Biljanica, Milena, Maria, Simiona...list is endless!

I know of one who really look after herself, she was very fit/slim but had a face like a bag of spanners.... I guess this mean's that (unlike the British equivalent) even if they're not dealt the best hand look wise, they don't see it as a free pass to eat themselves into a 20st oblivion.

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