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After she finished her shower, I told her that I wasn't going to delete those pictures. "Because I still want you." "But I'm your aunt and I'm already married." "You are my aunt, you're married, and you belong to me." Aunt Vivian looked at me in despair. We were taking a shuttle to get to my parents' car and my aunt was being picked up by my uncle. I whisper in her ear, "I'm not done fucking you" and grabbed her ass with both of my hands tightly as we hugged. She goes up to me fully clothed and we go out for lunch.

I showed her the secretly filmed video of us having sex. I planned on having sex with aunt Vivian every week.

Reactions to the scene were mixed, of course, because while #Team Ice And Fire fans got exactly what they'd been hoping for, there's also that whole aunt-nephew thing.

Meanwhile, there's a lingering question: what happens if Jon and Daenerys have a baby?

Bless the old gods and the new, because Game of Thrones season seven ends with a bang — literally.

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Later that day I saw Mom in nothing but some booty shorts and a shirt that reached mid thigh. Aunt Val is just barely taller than mom being 5 foot 2, but her features make up for it as well. She keeps on resisting which prompts me to fuck her harder. The sounds of the bed moving and my bladder colliding with my aunt's buttocks was loud and magnificent. When most of the passengers that could see me fell asleep I put a blanket over my mom and my aunt. I would go over her house and have sex with Aunt Vivian. I looked forward to Tuesday's every week and she was probably excited for that day to. I was sitting near the window she sat in the middle and my mom sat in the aisle seat. So I rub saliva on my cock and quickly pull down her panties. She wakes up and rolls her eyes as if she's not surprised anymore. Every Tuesdays, I would fuck her more than once, sometimes even three times. Sometimes she wasn't wearing any clothes when I got in the house because she wanted to get it over with. She says "We can't do this we have to get ready for the airport." I ignore her so she pushes me off. She's laying flat on her stomach with her ass sticking out. Then I slid my finger down Aunt Vivian's pants towards her pussy. Once college came around I didn't schedule my classes on Tuesday so that I could fuck her on that day. I didn't even masturbate anymore, I was saving my cum for Aunt Vivian.

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