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I can assure you that we are stronger than many of the younger men. I work at a specialty fabricating company in Glendale, CA.

The head of my department, a man in his early 30's got a shock when he realized that he used half the weights that I use but he was a good sport about it and congratulated me for being so strong. I hope to be able to do 10 reps with my own bodyweight. Sarah My wife is 48 and has bigger muscles than our son. We are a fully equipped machine shop with 26 employees. For the last fifteen years, she has run the drill press, boring out 3-7" holes in 3/8" steel sheeting.

Strong but not the strongest I've seen pictures of dozens of women over 40 who have noticible muscle mass.

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She did not show any signs of straining like I did...I saw a woman of about 50 at an ice cream place with her "girl jock" daughter this summer.The mother had big vascular forearms and a fat biceps that bounced and danced as she ate her ice cream cone.She wasn't more than 5'4" tall but she would put to shame most guys in her height/weight class.Anonymous My wife is 54 and has been a gym rat most of her life after being a swimmer in her youth.

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